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Artist Development FAQs

Q:  Should I receive Artist Development before I start recording my EP or once it's completed?

A:  Artist Development is not a "one-time" thing.  It should commence prior to starting your project and continue until you retire from the industry.  This doesn't mean that the team providing Artist Development Services won't change throughout your career, nor does it mean it's "too late" if you've already starting your project without these services.  Even the best athlete still trains with a coach.

Q:  Does Skky Music Studios provide Artist Development Services or  A&D Assessments?

A:  We offer both.  A client is free to obtain an Assessment or Consultation only or take advantage of Skky Music's full Artist Development Services

What is Artist Development??

Artist Development

Success is never easy.  It takes hard work, dedication, and a team of people who believe in you and your talent. ~Skky

Artist Development Consists of:

  • Image Development
  • Performance Development
  • Public Speaking Training
  • Songwriting Services
  • Production Services
  • Product Development
  • Intellectual Property Protection Assistance
  • and More