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Is Skky Music Studios a Private Recording Studio?


Skky Music Studios is open to the public, however our sessions are Private which means:

    1.  We do not announce when an artist is in the studio without their request or permission.

    2.  We do not play artists music to other clients or via social media (i.e. Facebook Live) without their request or permission.

    3.  We do not discuss another artist's project or session unless the artist is present, without their permission.

    4.  We don't overlap recording sessions, to allow an artist time to leave the facility, prior to the next scheduled session.  This is to further keep

         the session as confidential as the client wants it.


Does Skky Music Studios provide recording assistance (i.e. Vocal Production)?


Yes, Skky Music Studios does offer recording assistance.  Please note that this services must be requested, as it requires an additional fee and depending on the experience of the recording artist, may result in a longer recording session.


If I reserve the studio for an event, will Skky Music Studios assist with Promotion?

Yes, Skky Music Studios will, at no additional cost, post the event on the website (including any flyers or external links) and will post the event on our active Social Media Sites.  Any additional promotional assistance is available upon request.


Does Skky Music Studios offer Artist Development Services to the public or to signed artist only.

Artist Development is a service that is offered to any artist that is serious about having a career in the Music Business.  If you are interested in Artist Development, please call 803-399-0495 to request an initial assessment.

​Please click here to submit your own question and allow 48 hours for a response.  For an immediate response, please call 803-399-0495.

Frequently Asked Questions

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